Sunday, 18 October 2009

Final Filming

Overall me and Zac spent around 15 hours filming the Lego part of the work in the space of four days. The atmosphere for filming the Lego was very different to that of filming at Nunnery Wood High School as we never had a time limit and didn't need to move anywhere. We had already set the location up a few days before filming and carried out certain things that would make the filming run very smoothly. We blue tacked loose pieces of Lego together so the buildings would fall when filming, we moved all the lights in a position where very little shadow was cast and most importantly we practised a lot.

Lego filming

Apart from being long and tiring filming the Lego went very smoothly. We never encountered any problems at all as we had done so much planning. we took it in turns between using the SLR camera and moving the Lego.

Voice over- Once we had filmed all the Lego we needed we created a voice over. This took a day to plan and only an hour to do. When we had recorded the voice over we were ready to edit.

Sound effects- We borrowed some Cd's from the media department and also downloaded some free legal sound effects off decent websites.

Premiere Pro 2- With everything we needed now done we just had to put our work together. Using the useful tools on Premiere Pro we could play about and experiment with our work until we were happy. Putting our work together went better than expected and the video will be uploaded on Youtube and then the blog in the next few days.

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