Sunday, 18 October 2009

Final Magazine and DVD cover


The first of the two ancillary texts I produced was the magazine cover. I had done a photo shoot of Jordan within the week and used a picture of him in a school corridor with his school uniform on as it followed my style guide and had the conventions of "Changes" as a Brand. I changed the colour contrast and I enlarged the image of Jordan in the centre of the magazine so he would stand out and catch the audiences eye.

I also got a picture of the Lego Jordan and put in next to Jordan to show he has changed and illustrate the idea of two worlds being mixed together.
I used typical features of a magazine cover like the bar code, issue number, price and date which I all kept relatively small and to the side of the magazine as there whats known as "small print" and not the most important things the audience takes notice of when buying a magazine cover.

I put a speech bubble by Jordan to make it seem like he is directly talking to the audience which would build a connection between the audience and magazine.
I used the Lego logo and the CBBC logo with a website and "copyright" to show the audience this is the "real" thing and is under the branding of "changes" and the BBC.
I used bright colours at the top of the magazine and with the text down the left hand side to make the magazine stand out to its viewers eye and also because Lego is bright so I could relate it to the text which is a important feature in my style guide.

I never gave to much away about what was inside the magazine within the text as I want the audience to buy the magazine. I spoke about prizes, quizzes,games and facts which the audience would want to see if they were a true follower.
The title of the magazine is across the top in large curved writing to catch the audiences eye. Also the title is in Lego colours which follows the conventions of Lego and "changes" which will let the audience know this is a "changes" product.

Overall I enjoyed producing my magazine cover as it was interesting and useful using new technology like Photoshop and it has helped me follow conventions of real media products.


I believed producing the DVD cover was easier than the magazine cover as I followed more typical conventions of a DVD cover when producing it.

On the spine of the DVD cover I have followed the conventions of other DVD covers by putting on the DVD video logo and the rating of the film at the bottom. My rating is a "PG" as It is aimed at a young audience and has some fighting scenes in it which not all children would feel comfortable watching. I also put the CBBC logo on the spine so the audience can see what channel the programme is from and it is important to promote the media texts company on products.

Ive put a image of Jordan at the top of the spine as just like the magazine cover it is very important the main character is shown so the audience can recognise the text as Jordan is a key convention of "Changes".

Also Ive put the title "Changes" down the spine from top to bottom in white as it stands out over the colour blue which is a typical Lego brick colour and bright colours was one of the rules in my style guide.

The background of my DVD front cover is of Lego. This is a key convention and stands out from far away with its bright colours which would attract he audiences eye. Most children's TV Drama DVDs are bright and stand out so I think people could tell just by a glance that my DVD cover is aimed at young children as Ive used the same conventions as other similar texts.

Just like my magazine cover Ive used a large image of Jordan in the centre of the DVD cover and the Lego coloured title at the top of the DVD cover to stand out to the audience, allow the audience to recognise the brand image of "Changes" and to use it as a label on all ancillary texts as it is one of the rules in my style guide.

I put a motto on the bottom of the front of the DVD cover as it will be recognisable and used on other ancillary texts. I also tried to "sell" the product to audiences that haven't seen my work by using words like "award winning" and "hit series", this should boost the reputation of the product and increase its profit.

Looking at the back of the DVD cover you can see at the bottom Ive used more typical conventions of DVD covers like having a bar code, website and having the company's Logo and other relating important Logos like Lego's to let the audience know who the media conglomerates are who were part of the production of the text. I also even has consumer enquires and copyright information to make the DVD look more professional and to give it its own name (Independence).

I also had images of Jordan both in Lego and in human on the back to make the text more recognisable to the audience and more importantly no matter which way the DVD was facing you can see Jordan which makes the DVD recognisable at all angles causing a speed up in the audience recognising the text through those conventions as they are a key part in my style guide and "Changes".

For the major followers in my target audience I have given them more than just the text itself. I have given them something you cant get anywhere else (a directors commentary and deleted scenes) therefore making them feel more connected to the text as they know more about the text then other followers so then the other followers will have to buy the text to fulfil that same desire which would hopefully lead to a cycle of followers buying the text.

For audiences that are not 100% familiar with the text I have done a short blurb on the back of the DVD cover that explains in basic terms what the text is about so they can have a little insight of the text before taking further actions.

And finally to make the text more desirable to buy by both the target audience and others I have given It a 5 star rating from a major newspaper to show my text is positive and strong to which the aims it is trying to succeed, which will increase the audience and profit.

I have enjoyed designing the DVD cover as I got to explore new ways of creating ancillary texts and I believe this has improved my skills on using Photoshop and will help me with future work and ideas.

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